What you can expect from us

​"High-Level music education"

Nurture  and  develop  the  musical  talent  of  every  student.

We believe in teaching the art of  music in a constructive and encouraging way.

High-level musical education in a  professional, positive and friendly atmosphere.

We are serious about Fun!

We constantly seek ways to create it, have it, and share it as much as possible.

We believe that music instruction should be enjoyable, fun and built on a solid technical foundation.

​"Social Goodness"
We believe in doing our part, and we are on a "mission to instill in all our students the love for music and art in general" .


We work every day motivated by the love of music and teaching.

We believe in providing quality music lessons that are relevant, motivating and fresh.

We believe in music lessons that focus not only on the acquisition of skills, but the enjoyment of learning and the celebration of the "aha!" Moment.

What we teach is unique, innovative and edgy and make it a priority to recognize student achievements in ways that are meaningful and fun.

We believe in happy teachers passing on their passion for music to happy students who are excited about what they are learning.

​We believe in modeling how music can do good in our community, and boosting self esteem.

We believe in home practicing because it´s fun (not because you have to), the right to make mistakes,  and playing from the heart.

We believe our program is one of a kind, that we will continue to evolve and re-invent and that our students will always be our inspiration to do more.

Fran Garcia 
Born in 1981, Havana, Cuba
Percussionist and pianist.
He comes from a family of artist.
​From very young bent for music, especially the percussion instruments. At 7 years old he was accepted at the conservatory "Alejandro Garcia Caturla", and continued his studies at Conservatory "Amadeo Roldan",
where he majored in percussion and piano. Fran Garcia earned his bachelor's degree, in music, from University of the Arts in 2005 at Havana, Cuba, as a pupil of Yaroldi Abreu and Roberto Concepcion.
During this period was kept active musically participating in several editions of the International Festival of Contemporary Music in Havana, as well as the International Festival of Percussion ''PERCUBA'', playing in many of the most important theatres and concert halls in Cuba as a soloist and percussion ensemble. Also participated in the recording of the album ''New Conceptions'' of the Maestro Chucho Valdes.
​In 2006 he benefited from scholarship to postgraduate at Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona, Spain, under the tutelage of Robert Armengol. At that time he collaborated with the group ''Percussions de Barcelona'', enriching even more his versatility in musical styles and rhythms.
Parallel to all this he has been contributing in educational projects for 16 years.
In 2014 he founded his own Musical Education Studio "Carpe Diem Music".
Currently he is working on his own musical project.

Fran Garcia



Lena Leon 



Our mission

To engage and inspire through music and the arts.​​​

Who We Are

Lena Leon

Born in 1982, Havana, Cuba

Singer, actress, K8 music teacher at Duval County Public Schools in Florida and member of Jacksonville Symphony Chorus​.


​Lena began studying piano at the tender age of 5 and four years later she was accepted at the ​Conservatory  of  Music ''Manuel Saummell'', where also studied singing and choral conducting. She continued her superior studies until the age of 18 at Conservatory "Amadeo Roldan" specializing in choral conducting and music theory as a pupil of  Delfina  Acay.

In the year 2000 was accepted at the University of Arts of Havana, Cuba (ISA) where she began studying opera singing and performing arts whit the soprano María Eugenia Barrios and theater director Armando Suarez. During her time at ISA participated in recitals as a soprano soloist  and acting with the theater group "Century 21".

After earning her Bachelor’s Degree, won a scholarship awarded by the Fundación Carolina to study at the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona, ​​Spain, She Was just 1 of 10 musicians and vocalist selected to study in that Program. In Barcelona she had the privilege to be the apprentice of the prestigious singers Eduard Jimenez and Maria Soler. 

After her postgraduate studies, Lena  received Master lessons from the internationally recognized soprano Montserrat Caballé at the city of Zaragoza, Spain.

Lena has being teaching music now for over 17 years. Her profound love for music and children, inspired and motivated her to become a teacher.

Lena founded "Carpe Diem Music" in 2014,  her own musical education project.