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 "Piano, Voice, Musical Theater, Acting, Improvisation, Composing and Art'' 

If your child has interest in music and art in general this camp is perfect for them! Perhaps they’ve played a bit of piano but want to train their voice better to sing while playing. Or maybe they’ve sung before but want to start playing  piano, or maybe he/she is an amazing actor/actress or maybe he/she loves to do Art or all the time they are improvising songs...
This Camp will immerse your child in the creative process of putting together a musical-themed showcase combining singing, movement, acting and improv. Each child will receive voice, piano, art, and composition instruction. We will focus and experiment every day in a new artistic manifestation.
Their week will be FUN & FAST-PACED and will include small group and individual teaching to enhance or gain the basic knowledge they need to jumpstart their musical and art journey, including: playing technique, basic music theory, music notation, plus ensemble and collaborative musicianship, explore with art and a little bit with some percussion instruments like drums, marimba, vibraphone, congas and many more!! 

With guidance, your child will help create their own original ideas and contributions.

The fun camp environment will encourage originality, creativity, and collaboration with their campmates! 

Ages: Camps are appropriate for ages 6-10*

*Some prior singing or acting experience in a choir, play, or other group is encouraged but not required.

MONDAY - FRIDAY  / 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

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 Art and Music Camps